Jewelry, Shoes, And Hair To Pair With Wedding Sarees


Have you decided to buy a saree for your wedding attire but aren't quite sure how to accessorize it and how to wear your hair on the big day? Following are several tips on jewelry, shoes and hair to pair with your wedding saree.  Match the Jewelry to the Saree  Sarees are elegant garments that frequently feature vibrantly colored patterns, and going overboard on jewelry results in an overdone look. As a general rule, the more elaborate the saree, the simpler the jewelry -- choose jewel-toned stud earrings to match one of the brighter colors in the pattern of your saree, for instance.

21 June 2016

5 Reasons to Keep Your Vegas Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Tame


Whether you are going to Vegas specifically to get married or you decide while you are already in Vegas to tie the knot, you will likely be faced with the idea of a bachelor or bachelorette party in Vegas. Las Vegas is a city of possibility, and when it comes to a pre-wedding party, your options are almost limitless. However, there are several reasons why you may want to keep your bachelor or bachelorette party somewhat tame.

3 February 2016