Jewelry, Shoes, And Hair To Pair With Wedding Sarees


Have you decided to buy a saree for your wedding attire but aren't quite sure how to accessorize it and how to wear your hair on the big day? Following are several tips on jewelry, shoes and hair to pair with your wedding saree. 

Match the Jewelry to the Saree 

Sarees are elegant garments that frequently feature vibrantly colored patterns, and going overboard on jewelry results in an overdone look. As a general rule, the more elaborate the saree, the simpler the jewelry -- choose jewel-toned stud earrings to match one of the brighter colors in the pattern of your saree, for instance. However, If you have chosen an understated cotton saree in a solid color or one with a fairly muted design, you can get away with wearing more jewelry as a way to accent the look. You might pair a rustic white cotton wedding saree with bright bangles and necklaces to provide visual balance.

Select the Right Shoes 

Avoid wearing clunky shoes such as those with wedged heels with a saree. Wearing sports shoes, flip-flops, and boots should be avoided as well. The saree is an elegant garment that requires elegant footwear -- select stilettos for an optimal effect. Another advantage high heels provide when paired with sarees is that they provide the wearer with enough height to minimize the chances of tripping on the hem of the garment. If high heels aren't for you, choose a pair of embroidered or studded mojris that feature a low heel. Another option is to choose a pair of strappy sandals, or, if you want to go totally traditional, slip on a pair of kolhapuri heels. These feature intricate embroidery and ethnic designs. Kolhapuri heels pair best with traditional sarees, and their heels should be no more than three inches in height. Choose footwear in colors that complement rather than the match the main colors in the saree -- either choose shoes in neutral tones or look for ones that match a minor color in the saree's pattern. For instance, if your saree is silver with delicate blue swirls, a pair of blue shoes would be an appropriate choice, but if the primary color of your saree is blue, the same blue shoes would make your look seem overdone.  No matter what shoes you choose to wear with your saree, always have the garment hemmed while wearing the footwear that you plan to pair with the garment to ensure that you'll be able to walk without tripping on the hem. 

Always Go For Elegance When Pairing Hair With Sarees

A classic, low chignon framed in flowers is a timeless, elegant look that pairs well with any style of saree but is particularly appropriate when worn with traditional garments. Long plaits adorned with floral accents are another customary style for formal events. Modern brides who want a bit of an edgy look can choose the "messy bun" hairstyle that involves a loosely structured bun framed by wispy curls. Side braids are another popular look that complements sarees, and some brides choose to wear their hair off to one side in long, cascading curls. For a full-on elegant look, go for the tried-and-true classic upsweep. If you want to show off long, flowing locks but still crave the elegance of an undo, you can opt to wear the front part of your hair pulled back into an undo while leaving the back loose and long. Short-haired brides look enchanting with hair slicked straight and embellished with flowers.  No matter what style of saree you choose for your wedding day, there's a look that is right for you. Your saree retailer can provide you with further tips on accessorizing your saree on your wedding day.   


21 June 2016

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