4 Fall Sleeve Options For Your Wedding Dress


If you are preparing for a fall wedding, you may want to follow some of the fall dress trends to make sure you have a timeless but fashionable wedding dress. When it comes to fall styles, sleeves tend to be one of the big issues. While summer encourages sleeveless gowns and winter allows for full sleeves, fall weddings give you plenty of room to play between the two extremes. Below are just a few of your sleeve options. 

Off the Shoulder, Flowing Sleeves

Off the shoulder looks are definitely trending at the moment, so you will likely want to have an off the shoulder sleeve. However,when you opt for a bell sleeve that creates a wide, flowing look, you can emphasize the shoulders, have just the right amount of warmth, and add a sweeping, fun element to your dress. These flowing sleeves can be several different lengths. You may want full length if you are marrying in late fall or opt fora short sleeve length if your wedding date will have warmer weather in early fall. 

Tight Bicep Bands

Another off the shoulder look is the banded sleeve. The sleeve continues out from the neckline instead of curving to go over your shoulders. The sleeve wraps around your bicep, either creating a full sleeve or just a half sleeve that ties into the neck of the dress. This can be a fun way to add different materials to your dress, as a satin or lace band can be intriguing. If you are bold, you can even use bicep bands to add a pop of color to your dress, matching them to your wedding colors. 

Full Length Lace 

If you want full coverage, lace is an excellent option. It is not as hot as other materials and will allow your arms to breath while still giving a warm and comfortable appearance. Lace can either be charming and country or delicate and formal, depending on the style you choose. 

Shoulder Caps

You can also buck the bare shoulder trend and opt for shoulder caps. Very short sleeves that cap just the shoulders are an excellent choice for early fall and can be a way for you to have a little shoulder coverage without looking too bundled up for the occasion. 

You should keep in mind that if you are ordering a dress, changing the sleeves can often be done, so concentrate on the silhouette of the dress first and then pick the sleeves that make you feel your best. 


24 September 2017

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