Recommendations To Find And Have Tailored The Right Suit For Your Event


When you are planning to attend a formal event or work function where you want to look great in a suit, the suit you choose along with its fit and tailoring are going to help make you look impeccable. From the style, color, fit, and cut, once you have chosen the right style for you, it is all about having a professional tailor make it perfect for you. Here are some recommendations to help you select the right suit and get it tailored for an exceptional fit.

Choose a Jacket

When you first go to pick out a suit for an upcoming event, start with the jacket to begin your entire look. The jacket of your suit will provide the right fit with all the specific details and cut that you are looking for in your specific attire. You can choose a jacket that has a double vent, single vent, or no vent along the back hem, and also choose from either a single or double-breasted suit. Just be sure to look for a jacket that fits your shoulders because the shoulder fit will help align the rest of the jacket's tailoring to your torso, arms, and waist. 

When the jacket fits along your shoulders, it should be tailored to fit snugly along your chest and your stomach to give you the right appearance and V-shape that is popular. Make sure you choose a tailor who knows exactly what measurements to match up so your jacket fits your body exactly. They should measure your chest, stomach, shoulder, and arm length so the sleeves of your suit end at just the right point below your wrists. 

For a helpful tip, bring your dress shirt so you can wear it during the suit fitting and tailor appointment. Your tailor can measure to get the suit to fit exactly to your dress shirt sleeves so the right amount of cuff fabric is seen from your suit sleeves.

Consider the Pants

The pants are going to finish off the right look for your suit, so pick one in a matching fabric that is going to be comfortable for you to wear during the event. Ask the tailor about a stain-resistant fabric if you want protection from food and drink spills.

Then, plan to bring a pair of dress shoes that you will be wearing with the suit. These dress shoes will give your tailor the appropriate heel height when they measure and hem your new suit pants. Your tailor may recommend a taper for your suit pants to help shape the complete look of your suit style. 

For more information, contact a tailoring company like Fifi's Bridal & Custom Tailoring.


11 April 2022

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