4 Important Guidelines To Help You Choose A Wedding Venue


It takes a lot to plan and organize all the little details for a wedding. One of the critical decisions you need to make is choosing a venue before preparing for the wedding. You need a comfortable location for your guests and a perfect background for your wedding photos. However, the endless list of options available may leave you confused. Here are some guidelines to help you choose an ideal wedding venue.

1. Set a Realistic Budget

Creating a wedding budget can be tedious, but it is important to deal with this first. The venue will take a significant portion of your wedding budget and help you shape the style of the wedding you desire. Therefore, you should start by getting estimated costs associated with your event to know the amount you should spend on the venue.

Ask the venue manager about venue costs. For example, do you have to hire tables and chairs? Does the venue provide in-house catering services? Generally, the more sophisticated and bigger the location, the more money you will have to spend.

2. Determine If the Wedding and the Reception Will Be Held in the Same Location

Depending on your desires and budget, you might need to host your wedding in two locations. Most couples prefer to set the ceremony in a religious setting such as a church, followed by a celebration party in a different location such as a hotel or beach. Renting two locations will undoubtedly increase your venue budget, but it can improve organization and make your wedding memorable.

3. Estimate the Number of Guests

Having a rough figure of the expected guests guides you in choosing the right venue. You will know whether to lease a large or small location and avoid stretching your budget unnecessarily. Besides, you will know how many tables and chairs to rent and how to set up the venue to accommodate your full guest list. Once you choose a venue, you might need to create a list of expected guests and confirm their attendance to make the necessary adjustments before the special day.

4. Set a Date

You will need to reserve a venue for your wedding to avoid clashing with other parties that may be interested in the exact venue. Set a preferred date for your venue, and look for other venues that could be available around the same time. It is advisable to plan the wedding in the off-season if you have a tight budget.

Explore as many wedding venues as you can while keeping the guiding tips highlighted above at the back of your mind. Remember to involve your partner to make a more informed choice and thoroughly review the contract before signing it.


10 December 2021

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